We started our activities in Tallinn, Pirita Olympic Sailing Sports Centre in 2016. The company was created to offer many people the opportunity to learn to sail independently and quickly. Then they can take up the hobby of sailing with us easily and at a low cost.

RS Sailors Sailing Centre and Pirita Svertpaadiklub is a great club for training new sailors, coaching the skilled and selling boats. Everything is made easy and affordable for children and adults alike.


... is to make sailing as accessible as possible. Sailing is one of the world's best activities, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages and physical abilities.
As your experience grows, you can join a club and take to the sea in your own boat, on your own, in the company of club mates, friends, family and work colleagues.

As one of Europe's largest and best-known RS Sailing sailboat dealers, we allow all boat buyers to test-drive a range of sailboats in our centre before making a good buying decision. RS Sailing boats, with their durability and simplicity, will make any sailor happy. The boats are suitable for sailors on the lake behind the sauna, as well as for those competing in the world championships, and when there's no wind, you can also use some of the boats as a paddle boat or add a small outboard motor.