The number of Estonian RS Tera riders is    growing: Sailing towards new horizons in 2024

There will be significant growth in the Estonian RS Tera sailing arena, with an impressive 45 boats in 2024. This expansion reflects the interest and participation in sailing throughout Estonia and demonstrates the contribution of clubs in Tallinn, Hara, Miiduranna, Räpina, Narva-Jõesuu, Maardu, Kuressaare, Lake Võrtsjärve and Võru. The development of RS Tera is spearheaded by the esteemed former Olympic sailor Deniss Karpak. Karpak's experience and dedication enrich the sailing community, he is committed and actively coaches young sailors during training days, camps and regattas.

Estonia's 2024 sailing calendar is full of exciting events. There will be nine local regattas, the Estonian championships and prestigious world championships.
The season starts with the Lake Võrtsjärve regatta, which marks the start of a number of races. It is not only a race that challenges sailors, but also brings the sailing community together to celebrate the sport.
Important events ahead include the Hungerburg regatta, training camps and regattas in Hara, Toila and Räpina. The sailing events will culminate in the RS Tera World Championship in Copenhagen at Koge Bugt.
The season promises to showcase the skills of Estonia's young sailors on both the national and international stage, underlining our shared commitment to nurturing talent and promoting sailing as an inclusive and dynamic sport.
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Good news!

Estonian youth sailing takes off with RS Aero program

The Estonian sailing community has a great opportunity to be part of an exclusive offer from RS Sailing UK that promises to take the RS Aero youth program to the next level. In April this year, Estonian youth sailors aged 12-21 years, weighing 45-75 kg, both boys and girls, will have the unique opportunity to purchase one of 15 RS Aero boats. These boats, which have only been in the water once at the 2023 World Championships, will be equipped with a brand new 5 or 6 sail.

From 25 April onwards, qualified Estonian youth sailors and clubs will be able to take advantage of the opportunity to buy these high-quality sailing boats for € 6930 + VAT via RS Sailors Estonia.

This initiative not only underlines the commitment to nurturing young talent in the Estonian sailing community but also ensures access to top-class equipment.

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RS Tera World Championship 2024: Estonian young sailors in Copenhagen

The RS Tera fleet has set its sights on the international stage! 5.-8. The World Championships will take place in Koge Bugt, Copenhagen, from 5 to 8 August 2024. This event will be an important milestone for the Estonian sailing community, reflecting the growth and competitive spirit of Estonia's young sailors.
The championships will be preceded by a two-day training camp, giving Estonian sailors the chance to demonstrate their skills and endurance on the global stage. Under the guidance of Deniss Karpak, the team is poised to achieve remarkable success.
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